JAMB 2021 Revision Begins – Start preparing with us

Revision for the 2021 JAMB CBT has begun here on Myschooltalk for very serious students. Our classes will be held on the webinar (ZOOM), which is Considering that JAMB CBT for 2021 is only a few months away (most likely in February), we have decided to start early to allow interested students adequately cover all possible JAMB questions before the exam.

If you’re already sure you’ll be writing the 2021 JAMB, or you just love to learn every day, If you’re among candidates who wrote JAMB in 2020 and you’re yet to find your name on your school’s admission list, we also advise that you join the classes because it is totally open for now.

Every day from now until the exam day, we will release videos with detailed (step by step) explanations and solutions to as many JAMB CBT Past Questions as possible. These videos will enable you to learn at your own pace and will be available to you anywhere you are.

Remember to always check the “Description” or the drop-down arrow of every video lesson you watch because important information will be passed through the description of the video. If you enjoy any video we post, and you’ll want us to bring more of such content for free, ensure you like the video.

We understand that we’re trying to impart knowledge into you, but you guys are such smart students too. If you have better steps or explanations for solving any of the questions in any video, please post a comment letting us know the question number, and your solution in the comment section under that video. An awesome reward await you if you do so. If you also have suggestions on how we can improve any of our content, do also let us know in the comment section.

In the meantime, you can start your revision right away or you can start learning now by subscribing to the Myschooltalk webinar channel, which is freely accessible.Students who score the highest in JAMB are those who start preparing early.

The Myschooltalk Team.