Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) 2020 Master of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering

The Schaffhausen Institute of Technology (SIT) Master of Science in Computer Science and Software Engineering is open for applications for the September 2020 intake. The SIT MSc in Computer Science & Software Engineering is designed to educate the future digital leaders by blending essential technical, leadership, and management skills.

There’s nothing quite like it. Unlike classic computer science programs which focus mainly on technical skills and often privilege theory over hands-on practice, and as such do not provide a complete education for future Chief Security Officer (CSO), Chief Product Officer (CPO), Chief Architect (CA). MSc CS-SE at SIT gives the next generation of technical leaders the skills they need to accelerate research and innovation in the fields of emerging computer science technologies.

Founded by entrepreneurs, SIT exudes the entrepreneurial spirit. With this MSc in Computer Science & Software Engineering, they carve clear pathways for graduates to succeed in industry, academia, or their own startup ventures. SIT as highly employable and sought-after technologists.

Join SIT brand-new, innovative, game-changing MSc in Computer Science & Software Engineering, designed to prepare graduates to be the next generation tech leaders with the industry’s most desired skills
Source: Scholardhipairs