4 Weeks Certificate Program That Will Pay You Well

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One of the best decisions you can take is to keep growing, we are facing a new reality because of the Corona virus pandemic. New skills will be in demand. You don’t have to enroll for 5 years programme to get the skills. We have put together 2 to 3 Months free courses you can do to get a degree by the time the pandemic is over.
Graduating from a good institution is beautiful but life is dynamic. Only those who continuously keep up with new trends remain relevant. Whether you are a professional, a newbie or an individual seeking extra knowledge on your field of study, certificate programs do the trick. If you are probably at lost on what to do during this Covid-19 imposed stay at home, check out this easy to get certificate programs that will only take four weeks.  Imagine resuming work with extra knowledge on what it takes to be relevant?
How about taking a pry in other subject areas that are relevant to what you do? Just within four weeks, you can be more knowledgeable by just enrolling for a certificate program. It is beneficial and most of them can be gotten from the comfort of your home. 
Quickly, glance through the table of content below to get an insight into the quality information you will gain while reading this informative piece.

Table of Content

  •     What is a Certificate Program?
  •     Why Do I Need a Certificate?
  •     What Types of Certificate Program Are There?
  •     How Do I Choose a Certificate Program?

Guide To Choosing a Certificate Program

  •     How Much does It Cost To get a Certificate Program?
  •     Where can I Enroll for a Certificate Program?
  •     How many Courses are there in a 4-Week Certificate program?
  •     What Certificate Programs Pay The Highest?

    What 4-Week Certificate Programs Pay Well?
1. Business Certificate Programs

  •     Luxury Brand Management Certificate
  •     Business communication Essentials

other business certificate programs within four weeks include:
2. Hospitality Certificate Programs

  •     Hotel room management: the strategy and tactics of hotel room pricing

3. Health and Fitness Certificate

  •     Science of Exercise
  •     Child Nutrition and Cooking
  •     Language tutor training Certifications
  •      Journalism and Media Certificate Programs
  •     Arts and Design Certificate Programs.
  •     Law Certificate Programs
  •     Technology Certificate Programs

4 week Certificate Program FAQs

What is a Certificate Program?
I guess you are wondering what a certificate program is. Well, a certificate program is quite different for your four years degree or even your post graduate studies. Basically, certificate programs are designed to allow students gain mastery over a narrow subject area or topic.
For clarity purposes, certificate programs are simply programs that are organized for students who intend to comprehend a particular subject matter. It is usually available for both graduate students and undergraduate students.
These certificate programs are available to everyone. Students are allowed to choose depending on their area of interest in academic pursuit. Also, professionals across all sectors of the global economy may choose to undertake a certificate program to refresh their memory or gain extra knowledge on a topic.
In fact, a certificate program could mean so many things to different people. For an undergraduate, it could be a course taken over a short period of time to gain immediate employment. Actually, an individual
who did not attain any tertiary education can still get a job with a certificate program.
That is to say a high school leaver who completes a certificate program in dental assisting can work as a dental assistant in any dental care.
However, for graduate students, a certificate program usually means taking a toil to master a subject area. This can be a response to different stimuli. Either to clearly understand a topic, to feed their area of interest or as simple as a necessary certification relevant to their field of study.

In summary,  certificate program is the shortest course of study. It is also the least expensive type of academic credential. Certificates consist of courses that help you develop career competency in a single subject.

Why Do I Need a Certificate?
There are quite a number of reasons why you should consider enrolling for a certificate program. Interestingly, there are so many certificate programs near you as well. Most trade and businesses demand you have a basic knowledge of certain things to get a job. Most companies will not offer you a job if you don’t have a proof that you understand the job. One practical way to prove that is to tender a certificate in that field. A certificate program is the cheapest and easiest educational qualification to get. Especially for adult students who could not attain a tertiary institution. A certificate program allows you get a job that could take care of your daily expenses.In fact, you can save enough to go get a degree in that field. If you already have a career, a certificate program allows you to hone
a particular skill. For instance, a graduate student of the information technology department may take a certificate program to tush up his Python skills or even learn new bootstrap trends.

In summary, you need to enroll for a certificate program if you:

  •     need to launch a new career.
  •     seek to launch a new career not related to your first degree.
  •     wish to hone a particular skill in your field of study
  •     intend to learn a new skill or seek to understand a particular subject area better
  •     wish to get a job without a college degree.
  •     intend to meet state licensing requirements

What Types of Certificate Program Are There?
Yes, there are basically two types of certificate programs. There are graduate certificate programs and undergraduate certificate programs. The clear difference between the two is the requirements. For graduate certificate programs, students must have a degree. Most times, these certificate programmes insist that your degree must be relevant to the field, other times, it may not be so necessary. On the other hand, graduate certificate programs allow adult students, especially, to learn a skill that could get them a job.
In a nutshell, while one is to enhance or hone a skill in a particular field of study, the other needs no college degree prerequisites. In addition to these two types of certificate programs, programs that grant certificates may be classified by industries. In that light, we have different types of certificates. Some of them are:

  • Business certificate program
  • Health Care Certificates
  • Technology Certificates
  • Journalism and Media Certificates
  • Arts and Design Certificates
  • Education Certificates
  • Skilled Trade Certificates
  • Legal Certificates
  • Social Services Certificates
  • Health and Fitness Certificates
  • Culinary/Hospitality Certificates

How Do I Choose a Certificate Program?
To choose a certificate program that is relevant, you must first identify the purpose. You should basically consider the reasons above to enroll for a certificate program.
Once you discover answers to this question (Why you need a certificate program?), you should also choose a timeline. How much time do you have to get these certificates? Just so you know, high paying undergraduate certificate programs last from 6 months to a year.
sometimes more.
Practically, if you have problems answering the first question, consider the easy steps to choosing a certificate program below.

Guide To Choosing a Certificate Program

1. First, identify what interests you: It is important you understand that a certificate program does not cover all you need to know about any field of profession. So, if you are an undergraduate, you must first identify what skill you intend to learn.

2. Find a good Certificate Program for that Skill; Once you find the skill you need to learn, the next step is to find certificate programs that are available for that particular skill.

3. Ask questions: Find out from people who are already in that industry where you wish to be the right certificate program for you. By asking questions, you can easily pick out the right program for you. Especially, if you are looking at securing a job without a college degree.

Girl with Computer

4. Enroll for the right Program: Once you find the right program, you need to find where to enroll. You must be careful not to pay heavily for a certificate program that is not relevant to you. Especially, if you opt for an online certificate program, be sure to check its legitimacy and accreditation.
Finally, follow the registration process strictly, sit for all courses and earn your certificate to either launch a new career or commence one as an undergraduate.

How Much does It Cost To get a Certificate Program?
To get a certificate program costs some money. But, it is usually lower than the tuition fee for an associate degree or a college degree. Well, the total cost to get a certificate program depends on where you intend to get the certificate from, how long it takes to get the certificate and more importantly the industry.
Also, factors like the type of certificate program may affect the tuition fee. Generally, graduate certificate programs cost more to earn than undergraduate certificate programs.

Where can I Enroll for a Certificate Program?
First, you need to identify the type of certificate program you desire to earn. Colleges usually offer undergraduate certificate programs while universities and professional bodies offer graduate certificate programs.
Interestingly, most certificates programs are available online. So, check out tertiary institutions around you to get enroll for a certificate program or visit online schools to launch a new career.
It is important you earn your certificate from a trusted and accredited institution or professional body.

How many Courses are there in a 4-Week Certificate program?
Well, a 4-week certificate program simply means that in four weeks you must have completed all your course work. The number of courses for each certificate program is dependent on the intensiveness of the study.

What Certificate Programs Pay The Highest?
While there are several certificate programs, some of them pay good money. Mostly, professional certification positions you for better pay. However, you must get a degree to enroll for such certificate programs.
For graduate students, getting certificates to enhance your profession is the best approach to better pay. But if you are adventurous and patient enough to learn new skills, the certificate programs discussed extensively in this article give you room to earn good money every year.
Generally, below is a list of both graduate and undergraduate programs that pay exceedingly well. So, if one of them looks like what you can do, simply find a program immediately.

5 Certificate Programs that lead to High Paying Jobs.

  •     Web Developer
  •     Industrial Engineering Technician
  •     Computer Support Specialist
  •     Medical records technician
  •     Automotive Service Technician or Mechanic

What 4-Week Certificate Programs Pay Well?
Well, I am glad you understand the different types of certificate programs and why you need one. If you have at least four weeks to improve your in-demand skills and earn higher pay, here are the best certificate programs for you.

1. Business Certificate Programs
Tunning a business is not an easy task. And, it is important you understand that even the life you live is a business. In case you are thinking why do you need a business certificate, you should remember that if you need even to learn how to run the main business, that is your personality.
One aspect of the business is marketing and the hidden truth is at one point or the other you need good marketing skills to scale through. If not for anything, you need marketing skills to convince an employer that you are good enough for a job opening.
Even though there are so many marketing certificate programs, most of them take 3 to 1 year to complete. However, below is a graduate certificate program that you can complete within four weeks.

Luxury Brand Management Certificate
This is a four-week course to up your marketing skills. Whether you are a business owner, a professional or an employee, it is important to note that marketing strategy isn’t confined to your marketing team.
This 60 hour marketing certificate program enhances your marketing skills by teaching you how to align marketing strategies with business strategy. It is basically a graduate certificate program and is available for anyone who wishes to enhance their fashion awareness in an important fashion capital or pursue a degree or career in luxury brand management.
However, anyone responsible for producing or executing a marketing plan or even individuals who just want to develop a marketing strategy in the fashion world can enroll.
If you enroll for this course, you will get better understanding on the following courses:

  •     Essentials of Marketing Planning
  •     Business logic and product development process
  •     The fashion market consumerism and consumer Psychology
  •     Public Relations and social networking
  •     applications of luxury marketing in shows and events
  •     Creating a new brand concept
Business communication Essentials
This another business certificate program that you can complete within four weeks. This business certificate program is available to anyone who intends to learn a variety of business writing frameworks. With this, such individuals can achieve communication in any organization with clarity, sensitivity, and efficiency in today’s demanding business world.
This four week 5 courses certificate program  will cover the following areas:
  •     communication across cultures and generations
  •     plan, writing, revising and preparing written messages
  •     writing and presenting a persuasive argument
  •     write various correspondence and b familiar with various forms of communication
  •     demonstration of effective business writing and presentation skills
2. Hospitality Certificate Programs
In the hospitality industry, there are quite a number of certificate programs that you can complete within four weeks. While most of them are graduate certificate programs, individuals who wishes to land a well-paying job within a short time can also enroll. Here are some of them:
Hotel room management: the strategy and tactics of hotel room pricing
Unlike other certificate programs that last 4 months to 1 year, you can earn this hospitality certificate within 2 weeks.
Basically, this certificate program education will teach you all you need to know about setting hotel room prices and how to create a hotel room pricing strategy.
This course is available to hotel managers, hotel owners and even individuals seeking employment in any hotel who seek to understand the fundamental for good hotel revenue management.
This course will cover:
  1.     Using price to manage supply and demand
  2.     Explanation of the different approaches to price room inventory
  3.     Using rate fences in rooms and inventory pricing
  4.     analyzing hotel’s competitive position
  5.     differentiating pricing strategy and tactical pricing
3. Health and Fitness Certificate
Health and fitness certificate programs can be for both graduates and undergraduates. Basically, anyone who seeks to uplift his or her personal well being can take this certificate program.
However, individuals especially, adult students who are seeking a certificate program in the fitness world that can secure them a job can also enroll.
Interestingly, you can complete these certificate programs within four weeks and land a job without a health and fitness college degree. Here are some of 4-week health and fitness certificate programs for you:
Science of Exercise
This is a 1 month certificate program with certifications from the University of Colado Bulder in partnership with Coursera.
This is good news because, you can enroll for this course either as traditional student at university or from anywhere in the world as a distance student on Coursera.
Basically, the graduate certificate program will explore a number of physical stress of exercise, including changes in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, nutritional considerations and causes of muscle soreness and fatigue.
This certificate is a beginner level certificate program which means it is a 4-week undergraduate certificate program.
If you complete this program, you will understand  how the body responds to exercise. Hence, you will be able to identify behavior, choices and environments that impact your health and training.
Well, with this certificate, you can work in a school as a fitness master or even as a gym instructor.
Statistics show that 59% of students who completed this course started a new career while 54% of them got a tangible career benefit.

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This course will cover the following;
  1.     Preparation of nutrition logs
  2.     how to monitor heart rate
  3.     how to calculate total daily caloric expenditure and body mass index
  4.     prevention and treatment of heart disease, obesity, depression, and dementia.
4. Computer Science and IT Certificate programs.
This is one of the highest paying industries in the world. Fortunately, you don’t need a degree to start exploring the many opportunities that abound in this industry.
Individuals who seek to launch a new career in the Information Technology world within four weeks can enroll for any of these 4-week IT certificate programs.
Also, IT professionals or experts may also consider a program or too in any specific area to gain more knowledge or refresh their memory on the subject matter.
Students may earn much  with a certification in Python or with any of the certificate below. However, remember you need to get a degree or a diploma to grow faster on the professional level.
  •     Python certification
  •     AiChatbots without programming
  •     Managing Identity
  •     IT Fundamentals for Business professionals –cybersecurity and social implications
  •     IT Fundamentals for business professionals – hardware certificate
  •     Fundamentals of data science

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