BIO191: NOUN 2020 TMA 2 Questions And Answers (First Semester)


Q1). Which of these items of the laboratory is out of place in the group?
Answer: Hot plate

2). The operational range of temperature in an incubator is between —————
Answer: 22-50°C

3). Which of the following equipment utilizes steam for sterilization?
Answer: Autoclave

4). Dissecting trays contain _____.
Answer: Wax

5). In the operation of an autoclave when the discharge outlet valve is closed, —————- minutes are needed for sterilisation?
Answer: 20


6). The culture of microorganisms is best done in the laboratory using
Answer: Laminar flow

7). To display general instructions in the laboratory, which of the following factors should be least considered?
Answer: Wordings

8). In the laboratory disposal of spent materials are done on ————–
Answer: The incinerator

9) Q10. The labels of stock solutions in the laboratory should contain all except one of these information
Answer: Name of person that prepared it 

answers: auto clave

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