BIO101: NOUN 2020 TMA 2 Questions And Answers (First Semester)

sponsored!Q1. Question Fungi belong to which of these groups?
Answer: eukaryotes

Q2. Question Fungi can be said to be mainly ——- organism
Answer: multicellular 

Q3. Question Which of these is true about cell division in fungi? Cell division is by
Answer: mitosis and meiosis

Q4. Question Which of these organism is not an example of fungi?
Answer: hydra

Q5. Question The study of fungi is referred to as
Answer: mycology 

tma 2

Q6. Question Algae belong to which of these groups of organism?
Answer: protoctist 

Q7. Question Algae have undifferentiated body called
Answer: thallus

Q8. Question Algae can best be classified as ——- organism
Answer: photosynthetic

Q9. Question Which of these is not a green algae?
Answer: phylum phaeophyta 

Q10.Question Which of these is not classified as algae?
Answer: amoeba

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