BIO192: NOUN 2020 TMA 1 Questions And Answers (First Semester)


Q1. Earthworms belong to the phylum
Answer: Annelida

Q2. Snails belong to the phylum
Answer: Mollusca

Q3. Flukes and Tapeworms belong to the phylum
Answer: Platyhelminthes

Q4. Roundworms belong to the phylum
Answer: Nematoda

Q5. The division rhodophyta are reffered to as the ———– algae
Answer: Red

Q6. Slime mold is an example of which of these types of protists?
Answer: fungus-like protists

Tma 1

Q7. Slime molds are often brightly-colored in
Answer: yellow or orange

Q8. The essence of staining is to help in
Answer: recognizing and identification of the organism

Q9.  One of the following is not a procedure to stain bacteria for examination with light microscope
Answer: non of the options

Q10. The ————- are the first group of eukaryotic organisms
Answer: Protists

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