NSC309: NOUN 2020 TMA 1 Questions And Answers (First Semester)


Q1. Two thick folds of fatty tissue covered externally by skin, extending backwards from mons veneris to the merging area of the perineal body is referred to as:
Answer: Labia majora

Q2. The external genitalia include all except:
Answer: Vagina

Q3. In the menstrual phase of menstruation:
Answer: Progesterone and oestrogen level falls

Q4. The external genitalia extend from:
Answer: Mons veneris to the perineal body

Q5. The blood supply to the vulva is from:
Answer: Internal, superficial, external and deep external pudendal arteries

Tma 1

Q6. In what type of pelvis, during delivery will the rotation of the head be restricted and result in deep transverse arrest?
Answer: Android pelvis

Q7. What term identifies a measurement of the mid-pelvis:
Answer: Diagonal conjugate

Q8. The ducts of Bartholins gland open into the:
Answer: Vaginal orifice

Q9. A small opening about 2.5cm below the clitoris is called:
Answer: Urethral meatus

Q10. A contracted pelvis is one in which:
Answer: One or more diameters are so reduced as to interfere with the normal mechanism of labour
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