GST202: NOUN 2020 TMA 1 Questions And Answers (First Semester)


Q1. A propelling variable in conflict (escalation) cycle that has to do with the available resources at the disposal of a person, group or a country such as money, people, arms, land, minerals, good organisations, foreign support and so on to manage or avert conflict is called ____.
Answer: Opportunity

Q2. Who attempts to determine a systematic locus and a specific framework for a theory of conflict in sociological analysis?
Answer: Dahendorf 

Q3. The conflict that is generated within an organisation, system or a society is called ____.
Answer: Endogenous 

Q4. Conflict is a normal, natural and _ phenomenon in any interactive situation of human life.
Answer: Inevitable

Q5. Conflict and competition are two points of a continuum on which conflict represents aggravated ________
Answer: Competition

Q6. Conflicts over psychological needs of groups and individuals are conflicts which cannot be seen but affect the __ of the individual and group self-actualisation.
Answer: Psyche 

Tma 1

Q7. Who wrote the paper “The Nature of Conflict”?
Answer: Gurr

Q8. Conflict ____ avails peace experts intervening in a conflict the opportunity of gathering necessary data or information that will facilitate bringing together of parties in dispute.
Answer: Analysis 

Q9. ____ (1998:17) simply defines conflict as “…… a relationship between two or more parties who….. believe they have incompatible goals.”
Answer: Kriesberg 

Q10. The first stage of conflict whereby a problem emerges and acts or things, or situations that were previously ignored or taken for granted now turn to serious issues is referred to as ____ stage.
Answer: Formative
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